Service NameCharges
ABG Gas Analyser600
Ambulance Charge Up to 15 K.M-Retention Hr(3 Hrs)350
Ambulance Charge Up to 5 K.M-Retention Hr(2 Hrs)200
Ambulance Charges More than 15 KM- Per Hr18
Blood Sugar by Glucometer30
Dressing Major50
Dressing Minor25
Hepatitis B Adult110
Heptatis B child40
Intramuscular Injection ( with Syringe)5
Intramuscular Injection ( without Syringe)2
Intramuscular Injection (with Syringe)5
Intravenous Injection ( with syringe)10
Intravenous Injection (with Syringe)10
Intravenous Injection (without Syringe)5
Lumber Puncter (LP)300
Minor Surgical Procedure150
Oxygen Per Hour60
Pleural Taping300